West Bank Athletic Club

West Bank Athletic Club (WBAC) is a youth development organization founded in 2008 by Ahmed Ismail. WBAC serves East African youth and young adults ages 5-24 from the Cedar Riverside (or West Bank) neighborhood and across the Twin Cities with year-round programming that supports leadership development, teamwork, discipline, responsibility, and respect for others, primarily through soccer.WBAC is comprised of four soccer teams and hosts nine annual tournaments, serving a total of 1,000 young players annually. In Summer 2018, the Club officially expanded to include girls.

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Support The WBAC Summer Festival

Becoming a WBAC Summer Festival Sponsor is an exciting opportunity to be part of one of the largest Somali community events in all of North America; reach a diverse, family-friendly, all-ages audience of 30,000+; and connect with leaders from the Somali community throughout Minnesota and the US. Benefits are customizable to your needs at every level. No matter the financial commitment, sponsors will be featured on the WBAC website, posters, flyers, e-newsletters, and across social media platforms.

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